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Mr & Mrs. Steiner | A Simple Backyard Wedding in Bluffton Ohio

Amber & Evan had such a unique and special wedding. A small town couple, with a small town wedding, everything about it seemed to be a great representation of who they are.

They set up a tent in their backyard, grew about half of the flowers they used that day! Friends and family were helping in every aspect. So many people coming together to make sure they had an amazing day!

I was truly blown away by the amount of flowers Amber & Evan were able to grow together in a small patch in their back yard. I was greeted by their super sweet pup cimi.

I saw them both in the wee hours of the morning and then we reconnected at the church, where again their home grown flowers accentuated each pew.

Evan wore a simple kahki pant with a vest. Amber wore an incredible essence of Australia dress from Brides & Beyond, her look completed with yellow pumps which I think is a perfect example of her radiant personality!

They shared a super sweet first look and quickly jumped into preparing for the ceremony! Their pastor had requested they follow some advice that she had shared with each of her couples, none of which had followed her request. To wake up every day and put on their wedding clothes. Come dressed as they had come that day. It was quite obvious that Amber and Evan would also not be following that advice in it’s truest form. But I felt that what it meant was something we should all try to do. To wake up and show up as our best selves, much like we do on our wedding days. To wake up and be excited to see our significant other, to radiate joy and happiness with each other much like we feel on the day we say I do. We all know that each day won’t carry the significance, some days will carry heavier loads. But if you start each day with the same excitement and love you do on your wedding day, wouldn’t your spouse feel so loved?

As their ceremony ended we headed to a nearby park and snapped a few more photos before joining family & friends at the reception. They had a beautiful display of cake & pie that was quite delicious. Shared in the sweetest dances. Amber & Her dad, Art started off like most father daughter dances do then broke out into something in tune with the music. It definitely wow’d so many watching!

Family & friends enjoyed the sunshine on a brisk 75 degree summer day and it could not have been more beautiful for these two! Thank you Amber & Evan for letting me capture such an incredible day!


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