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Mr & Mrs Looser | A Sage and Blue Early Fall Wedding

We all know what the weekends surrounding thanksgiving looks like. It’s almost a reunion with friends and family that have travelled in for the holiday, you meet up at a local bar, grab drinks & catch up on life. 

Kara was planning to go with her friend Sara (Must be a great friend since her name is Sara 😉 ) Sara worked with this guy name Chris. And Sara thought they should meet so she invited Chris to meet up with all the friends at the bar. She was right. 

Chris and Kara hit it off, went on a proper date a short time later and have been together ever since. 

When I arrive at Kara’s the hustle and bustle had not quite started and in walks Chris, needing help with his tie. He headed to the church and shortly after Kara arrived to get ready in her childhood home!

Her girls looked so beautiful in sage green dresses where the guys stood out in their navy suits! They wed in the sweetest church in miller city. We pit stopped at the local bar Mack & Ritas they grabbed drinks & the we headed for some beautiful portraits!  

As they traveled around on the party bus I headed to Fort Jennings to capture their beautiful reception decorated by Joyous Occasions! 

I loved hearing from Kara’s sisters about growing up with her, the first time she brought Chris over. Hearing stories about Chris and how he’s pretty much good at everything he tries! He also has quite the dance moves! haha!

It was such an incredible day! I’m so thankful to have been apart of such a special day!!

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