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Mr & Mrs Rich | A Maroon & Grey Wedding at Willow Bend Country Club

I know wedding planning for these two didn’t quite go as planned, part of me is a wee thankful because it brought us together and I absolutely loved getting to know these two and their love for each other!

I walked into the hustle & bustle of the morning which is so invigorating! Ramsey read a sweet letter from her dad. I could tell instantly they share a very special bond!

We quickly got started with the first look! I got Issac set up and went to help bring Ramsey out. If you don’t know me, outside of the vendor team- I don’t allow anyone else to join the first look. Just the Bride & Groom. It’s pretty much the only time they have just the two of them all day! As Ramsey walk up, Issac said, “wait, she’s right there?!” His face lite up like a kid on Christmas morning! As he turned around he was obviously wow’d by her beauty! Can you blame him!?! Ramsey looked so gorgeous!!

We grabbed their friends and family to grab some pre-ceremony portraits! Willow Bend is beautiful, from the incredible brick building, to the pond and gorgeous trees. There were truly some beautiful spots!

Their ceremony vow’s were neat, each recorded themselves reciting them and played them over a loud speaker. Under two large, draping tree’s in front of family and friends they committed to each other. Committed to late nights in the shop working on his car, to shopping and food, the good, the bad, the wild and the fun. They committed to it all with each other!

After hearing from family and friends it was obvious that these two were what the other one needed, they filled each others cups, and lives with all the goodness one could hope for in a significant other!

As we rolled through the reception, I started noticing some of the groomsmen gathering in the hall and as a photographer it’s my job to capture all the things, especially the sneaky things. Outside they went and they rolled in a cart full of things clearly from Issac’s car shop. I must say, I was quite confused! As Ramsey made her way to a chair so that Issac could remove the garter, in rolled in the cart. Issac propped her legs up and slid on under like he would his car! Probably the most entertaining garter removal i’ve ever witnessed!

It was such a beautiful day and fun night, so thankful I got to capture it all!

Congratulation to the new, Mr.  & Mrs. Rich!

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