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Mr. & Mrs. Dulle | A Fall Navy & Merlot Wedding in Lima Ohio

It felt like a life time between Chad & Lindsey’s engagement session and their wedding! Chad was rocking, long-dare I say- almost surfer like, hair then.

Seeing photos that Lindsey shared of them with Chad’s clean cut haircut it was like seeing a different person! I joked that if Lindsey got tired of one, she could ask for the other! I was beyond excited to see them, Lindsey greeted me with a big hug and I got started with all her beautiful details! As I weaved in an out of the room the girls were getting ready in, I heard bits of conversations about Lindsey- it seems as though she may have been the wild child, the slight rebellious one. If this is true, it gives me hope for my Arden, haha! Because from what I have seen and learned about Lindsey in my short time knowing her- she loves big. She is her families biggest fan. She is always sharing the exciting things going on in her family’s lives- cheering them on, outwardly expressing her joy, love and admiration for those she surrounds herself with.

Lindsey and Chad have known each other for what seems like forever, what didn’t work then rolled back around and created and incredible love story. A love so evident that chad’s eyes filled with tears as his beautiful bride made her way towards him. As soon as he could meet her in the aisle he did. I feel like the depth of love isn’t always found in the big outward expressions. More in the glances from Chad where the longer he stares the bigger he smiles, the way his arms wrap her petite frame and his hands lock and squeeze ever so slightly tighter than needed. The way his eyes closed as they danced so he could escape with hundreds of eyes watching them and just be with her. Moments that don’t happen for everyone, but for these two they did.

The girls in Merlot dresses, accented with big smiles, the guys in dark navy suits. A beautiful fall combination! As the guys began to get ready for the day, a quick panic set in over Chad’s bowtie. He wasn’t quite sure how to tie it, so the guys had multiple youtube videos up as well as multiple people attempting to tie it! Huge relief hit once it was tied! It was one of those chilly fall days, with bits and pieces of sunshine sprinkled in! I can’t begin to explain how beautiful Lindsey was in her dress! I’ve not seen anything like it! Sharp edges with a v-cut on the back, buttons all the way down to her scallop train. All tucked underneath her incredible cathedral length veil! She was a jaw dropper! Stunning in all ways!

The reception hall was gorgeous, a combination of tall and short centerpieces filled the tables, the cake being center stage amongst the incredible backdrop from Joyous Occasions! Spot lights from Fox Event Group added some glamour as they danced under the chandelier. It was such a fun night, the perfect celebration for the perfect couple!

Thank you Lindsey & Chad for letting me capture your beautiful day!! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness, love and laughter!

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