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Back to School Bash 2023

Before I ever built my studio I knew I wanted to use it to do things more for the community and a Back to School Bash for teachers was one of the first things I thought of!

I worked at a school for a bit while living in St. Louis, and although it was different in many ways, I can understand just how much these teachers love their students!

My goal was to create a fun day where teachers could come, enjoy lunch, get a cute headshot, converse with like minded individuals. Do something fun, win prizes, get goodies & leave feeling excited for the up and coming school year. I hope I achieved that! Each teacher designed a keepsake notebook cover. My idea for this notebook would be for the teachers to write memories from the school year down so they could keep them forever, or use the blank pages and have their students draw on a page, or write something for the teacher as another keepsake. Or really whatever their hearts desired! I loved how everyone’s turned out!

I think covid was a huge wake up call for parents just how hard it is to teach. It was for me and Beckett was just in Kindergarten! I wanted to hear from the teachers, those who came and those who could not attend on some of their true and honest thoughts about teaching.

I asked,  “If you could tell your future students anything, what would it be?”

Some Common responses were:

  • Be YOU.
  • Be a leader not a follower.
  • You are worth more than gold and capable of more than you know!
  • All teachers love you, but sometimes we have to dicipline, and that too comes from a place of love.
  • Have a positive attitude about learning and put forth your best effort, no matter what!

I asked, “What is the hardest part of your job?”

Common responses were:

  • Wearing all the different hats
  • Supporting a classroom on a teachers salary
  • Working with Parents, They often get automatically defensive.

I asked, “If you could encourage the parents of your students to do anything, what would it be?”

Common Responses were:

  • Communicate with us teachers, and give us grace.
  • Teach your students independence with daily tasks and routines. Also responsibility for self and their property!
  • Listen, talk to them and spend quality time with them.
  • Remove devices, from them and you.
  • Work with them at home, they cannot only learn & get better at school.
  • Remember, through it all- they truly just want you- their parents.

I asked, “What are some of your favorite teacher gifts to receive?”

The most Common response was:

  • Gifts are not expected (Sara note: lets be honest, always a pleasant surprise!)
  • A thank you note!

Once I pushed a little further here’s what I received:

  • Gift cards to favorite stores & restaurants.
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Monogramed/ personalized things!

I was grateful for their candidness and honesty from both those who attended and those who could not. Sitting as an outsider, listening and asking these questions I saw and heard just how much these teachers care. The worlds been saying forever that teachers are underpaid. They truly are.

What they want most is your trust and collaboration in working with your child. They want their students to believe in themselves and leave the year with them feeling smarter and more confident. They want parents to realize their importance in every aspect of their kiddos lives. They want to make a difference.

To all you teachers. THANK YOU!!! From so many parents, I extend our gratitude for your love, your hardwork, your tears, your dollars spent, the time spent with our children. You impact them so much and YOU ARE WORTH YOUR WEIGHT IN GOLD!!

Some of my favorite headshots from the day!

Thank you to those who helped make this event so special!

My husband, for the last minute projects I threw his way!

Aspen Jean Planning for the beautiful furniture!

Saymor Events for The balloons!

7th street Deli for the food!

Flower loft for some of the flowers used!

Dash & Joey’s for a giveaway item!

M&H boards for a giveaway item!

Rabe Chiropractic for a giveaway item!

Ardeck Studios for a giveaway item!

Sara Campbell Photography for a giveaway item!

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