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Mr. & Mrs. Dembowski | A Spring Tented Wedding in Toledo Ohio

I met Nadia & Mark a few years ago at Mark’s sister’s wedding! They both were kind, soft spoken and sweet. I was so thrilled when they reached out upon their engagement!

As a professional, there is nothing better than working with a wonderful family more than once! It makes walking into a wedding day less stressful when you see familiar faces!

Nadia’s color palette was neutrals with pops of peach tones, the perfect start to spring! I walked into a bustling bridal suite, four girls all looking like a copy & paste version of each other- Nadia’s sisters. I can’t imagine growing up with so many sisters so close in age! How fun it must have been!

The Grooms suite was a little quieter. Mark getting his suit together, and his groomsmen helping with last minute details and adding a pick up basketball game to the mix.

Mark & Nadia shared in the sweetest first look and intimate vows outside of their church near Toledo, Ohio. Their ceremony was beautiful and lively. The officiant was the pastor at their church and spoke with charisma and joy. Both of which remind me of both Nadia & Mark. Their families joined them and prayed over them.



We headed to a local park and captured some of the most beautiful portraits before heading back to their tented reception to celebrate with family and friends! They served wood fired pizzas which is always a favorite. Parent dances always hit me in my gut, make me emotional as I can’t help but picturing my own sweet babies on their wedding days! But my gosh, Nadia & Mark’s first dance was one I will never forget. You hear about those moments where time stands still- This was one of those moments. It felt like there was no one else in the room- just them engulfed in each other. It was romantic and magical!




It was a beautiful day and i’m so grateful to have been apart of it!

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