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Mr & Mrs. McGibbeny | A Navy and Dusty Rose Wedding at Crimson Lane Venue

With rain looming on the forecast it seemed like another kick in the gut to what had already been an extremely stressful wedding planning process for Madison & Devon. As I turned onto the highway I started praying for their wedding. I pretty much pray before every couple’s wedding day. Pray for their marriage, that God stays present in their lives. I pray that God allows me to be exactly what they need that day. Of course I pray for no rain, but I know that isn’t exactly how prayer or God works- but hey! Always worth a shot! Haha!

I somehow beat the white out rain that I ran into on my drive and managed to get unloaded before it began to rain at Crimson Lane. Walking into the hustle and bustle is always kind of invigorating! I grabbed Madison’s details and spent the entire time gawking over gorgeous Stella York Dress from Brides and Beyond!  The back of it, My gosh! So gorgeous!

Both Madison & Devon had letter’s to share with each other. After Devon read his letter he said, “ya know what’s funny? I started my letter out saying basically the same thing.” As Madison was reading her letter she said, “oh my gosh, we said the same things!”  Perfect example of why these two were saying I do!

Madison’s bridesmaids wore gorgeous beaded dresses from KennedyBlue that were ironically named Devin. Pretty fitting! The guys looked so great in their blue suits and dusty rose bow ties! As we were taking some bridal portraits Madison was approached and asked about her ceremony. Inside or Outside. You could see the struggle. She chose outside! I think everyone there said a silent prayer that the rain would hold off.

Prayers were answered!! We managed to get through her entire ceremony with no rain! It was so perfect! We made some changes to try and avoid the rain by getting started with her portraits right away for the two of them so we could be outside! Let me tell you! I think I laughed the majority of the way through their portraits! Devon had us all cracking up. I had heard so much about how silly Devon was, but I had heard even more about Devon (DEE-VON). He was slowly making his way to the forefront in pictures and I knew their was no doubt he would show up for the reception!

Although the sun didn’t really “shine” I don’t think we could have asked for a more gorgeous day! Not too cold, not too hot. The rain held off for the majority of the evening. Simple candles and greenery covered her tables while a few gorgeous tall cascading centerpieces filled their long running tables! Desserts from Spencer Sugar Shop are ALWAYS a big hit! So much that after they cut their cake, Devon couldn’t quit eating it! haha!

As the reception got started, toasts were made Madison’s dad came up and started his speech. When he started talking about Devon and how he knew that their were girls here that he had been with and now that he was officially off the market, these girls needed to return his stuff.  I was probably thinking what you are thinking. WHAT THE HECK?! Who talks about that at their daughter’s wedding?!! Her dad demanded all these girls return his stuff. Next thing I knew, HALF the reception stood up and were walking towards him. He got me. He got me good. After the girls all returned his key. Madison’s dad said, that’t not enough keys, then a bunch of guys stood up and returned keys. Finally Grandma brought up her Key. I was dying laughing!

Somehow the rain disappeared (All those prayers ya’ll!)  and the party got started! Devon FINALLY made his appearance and he did NOT disappoint! Madison herself was quite the dancer and I loved seeing these two having so much fun!

Thank you so much Devon and Madison, I had so much fun celebrating you two! Wishing you both a lifetime of laughing and sweet dance moves!

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