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Mr & Mrs. Henslee | A Fall Wedding at the Barn At White Fence Acres

What an incredibly beautiful day, the weather could not have been more perfect for Danielle & Cole’s wedding day!! It was the perfect mix of summer warmth with the briskness of fall. The Barn at White Fence Acres is a pretty lengthy drive- but I don’t mind it. It’s time to focus on the day ahead, let any stress from what’s always a wild morning with my kids- go. I can pray, sing- pretty much anything my heart desires on those long wedding day drives!

I pulled up to see the beautiful ceremony space, over looking the pond! I was greeted by Adri, the gorgeous little flower girl who has been another wedding I photographed. She reminded me that we are friends (Girl, I already knew that!) and was ready to give me the grand tour!

I made my way into the bridal suite where Danielle was getting ready for makeup, gathered up the details to get started. I ran into Samantha, Danielle’s sister and a sweet friend of mine who early in the morning posted for some prayers. I double checked that everything was ok only to find out that poor Danielle had been in the hospital all morning!! Dehydration, stress and not enough food landed her not feeling too well. Nothing a little nausea medicine, some IV fluids and a slow but steady intake of food wouldn’t fix.

The lace on Danielle’s dress was amazing!!! It fit her like a glove and had the most beautiful train! The girls wore a variety of mauve, blush & latte dresses which was the perfect light pops of color! The guys looked so great in their suspenders & gray pants!

The girls got off to a quiet start. I think deep down, everyone was just worried and focus on how Danielle felt. They may have lacked a little sass at first, but all their beauty made up for it!! Seriously- how gorgeous were they! The guys however, did not lack sass, or lack any amounts of laughter! It’s always so fun to see the groom with all of his best buddies- and how they compliment each other! I wrapped up some of photographing the details a little early so I popped back into the brides room only to find her rapping some song! I convinced them to go out back out and there it was. All that sass I missed from earlier in the day!! Nothing a little champagne bubbly from the bottle couldn’t fix!!

Family and friends began to sit for the ceremony & the girls made their way, Danielle surrounded by white umbrellas so Cole couldn’t sneak a peek. Her face lit up as soon as she saw him. A sense of relief took over. They vowed to forever together. As they sealed that vow with a kiss, in the far distance you could hear sirens start going. It was so fitting as this fireman just married the fire of his life! I asked if they had arranged that, nope- total fluke!

I had the best of time photographing these two with their family & friends and headed off to finish photographing both Danielle & Cole! I can’t even begin to tell you how gorgeous the light was all day and I’m thankful for having the change to explore this beautiful property with the two of them! Every time Cole would wrap his arms around Danielle you could just tell thats her safe place- With him.

We heard from Danielle’s three sisters, my gosh! Such incredible speeches!! Danielle’s youngest sister blew me away with her speech. Danielle was crying, I was crying, everyone was crying! She spoke with such poise and maturity!

Despite all the beauty through out the day, I know a little piece was missing. As Danielle’s late father wasn’t there, and her step father Matt said it perfectly in his welcome speech. He’s so proud of you! As I looked at those whom surrounded Danielle on this day I realized that even though she’s missing the first man she ever loved- she is surrounded by men who love and care for her just as Eric did. Between Matt, Cole, her brother, her new father in law, the grandpas as well as a firehouse full of guys that will always be there for her.

The dances took place and we snuck off for some incredible fun cigar photos I loved being able to capture these fun moments with them! BUT then—sunset photos!!! IT WAS GORGEOUS!!!!

Guests filled up on bbq and topped that off with delicious donuts before dancing the night away!!  And just as the long drive there, the long drive hope allowed me to take in everything from the day, the gorgeous weather, the love, I just can’t get enough of it all.

Thank you Cole & Danielle for letting me capture your beautiful day!! I loved every second of it and can’t wait to see how your love grows!

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