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Mr. & Mrs. Martin | A Rust, Black and Green Fall Wedding in Galena, Ohio.

Gosh. I can tell you right now I won’t be doing voice over for this blog. This wedding, pulled all my heart strings the day of and the feelings all come rushing back each time I’ve begin going through them again. I can promise you, that you don’t want to hear me sniffling in your ear a million times.

Alex and Eric held what was probably the most true to themselves wedding I’ve ever been to and yet it was so far from their original plans.  They planned to get married in the Packard museum in downtown Dayton. but as i’m sure you have already guessed- Covid forced them to make some changes.

I arrived at Alex’s sister’s Emilee’s house where the hustle and bustle was well underway. I gathered the details, and got to work. Wearing her white van’s she customized with extra lace from her dress. A beautiful emerald jeweled hair piece complimented the bridesmaid’s dresses so perfectly. Her gorgeous dress that carried a small blue heart taken from one of her dad’s shirt. Carrying a piece of him with her all day.

As Alex sat in a chair she received some beautiful gifts hand made from her aunt. A pillow made from the sweatshirt he wore so often.  I watched as Alex squeezed it so close to her chest, i’m sure hoping to feel him close once again. There wasn’t much of a dry eye in the room, she then pulled out a blanket made from a mix of his shirts and sayings, pictures that all were the perfect reminder of who he was and moments they shared. It was time filled with emotion, heartache and grief. It’s the suckiest part of losing a parent, even days that are suppose to be FILLED will joy still have grief that so quickly makes its presence known. It seems inevitable.

These moments are hard for me- as a natural empath- to experience something so close to my own heart. I feel it, it hurts my heart to know that someone else is experiencing those empty, heart broken, deep in your stomach, missing someone so deeply feelings. I know those. And I’m terrible at hiding my feelings, I spent the majority of the day hiding my overflowing tears behind my camera body.

And as quickly as those waves of grief came in, they left. For this was such an exciting moment, JOYFUL occasion, not to be lost. As Alex finished her hair & makeup -The guys were being entertained with shots and the ducks of the Jackson Farmstead. A gift for Eric was Greg’s bracelet that Alex wore and wanted to gift to him. It was clear he knew the depth of that gift, the importance to have it. And it seemed to fit who he is so perfectly.

Nestled deep in the field behind the tree’s was the gorgeous wedding setup. A small tent, and dockside ceremony. Rusty oranges, blacks and greenery covered the tables. It felt like fall, but it felt like them! A charcuterie bar, individual smores bags next to what would be a toasty fire.


The weather could not have been more perfect! the girls rocked their emerald green dresses, some sporting chucks, including the cutest little flower girl! Alex, oh my. YOU ARE SO SO GORGEOUS! From your head to your toes Alex, you were perfection! If I remember right, your brother in law described you as this little rockstar when you were younger, now you’re a rock goddess!!   The guys rocked black suits, with emerald ties, except Eric wore all black and looked so sharp!!

Eric and the groomsmen made their way where he eagerly awaited his Bride. His eyes and smile lit up once he saw her. They married on a narrow dock hidden away with their closest family and friends looking on. What started as young love has blossomed into what is now a beautiful marriage. They may be young, but these two have experienced so much together. It’s so clear that they are best friends, each other’s secret keepers a foundation in which all marriage should be built on. They’ve faced tough roads long before they vowed marriage. Their vows shared the depth of their love for each other. It showed just how perfect these two are for one another.

We explored the property and I loved every second with these two. Everything about their day I felt was such a good representation of who they are. They planned a day that embodied the things they love and enjoyed. I loved that we made time for them to do things they enjoyed on their wedding day because thats what it’s about!

They treated their guest to two amazing food trucks! A burrito bus and the cheesy truck which served amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. Their dessert table had a beautiful cake made by her sister Jess, and an array of pies! I must tell you, I was quite shocked (and have been multiple times this year!) at the smashing of the cake!! You never truly know what’s going to happen, but I think everyone always hopes for some smearing and these two did just that!! Almost knocking each other over!!

I looked forward to the toasts simply because I already knew (or secretly hoped) I would bear witness to another amazing performance from her three sisters and they did not disappoint! They first spoke of Alex, her younger years and life as the “baby” of the family. As they touched on moments with her dad, Greg, she began to tear up, but like i’m sure he has done before and I know he will do in the future- Eric grabbed her hand and squeezed it tight. Their performance was followed by a dance with her mom. Another moment both full of love and a little heartache. Both Tonya and Alex were quickly wrapped up the other girls. Life is not always easy, it’s not always beautiful. It’s hard, it’s heart breaking at times. But seeing those girls dancing together was so beautiful. Never do they have to face anything alone. If one is down- there is 4 others right their to hold them up!

We snuck off to take some photos with Alex’s dad’s car and even though the sunset was masked by thick clouds, I LOVE these photos! I think Greg would love them too!


A night of dancing ensued and people were huddled outside of the fire. It was the perfect end to an incredible day! I’ve spent hours trying to find the words to describe Alex & Eric’s love and its better described through their glances at each other, how despite being in front of so many people they seemingly were lost in each other. From hearing people talk about them- they truly are perfect for each other. Best friends, now husband and wife. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to witness their day. Thank You Alex & Eric for letting me be apart of this entire journey- from your proposal to your wedding! I love and adore you both and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, good food, awesome cars and more laughter than you can imagine!!


  1. Jane Jackson says:

    Beautiful folks, a beautiful wedding, and these beautiful photos will be such good memories.

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