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Amy & Matt | A Dusty & Navy Blue Fall Wedding at Miami University.

I think we can all agree that planning a wedding this year would be incredibly stressful. Between the typical wedding planning stress, a global pandemic and living in another country across the world I think Amy & Matt had more than their fair share of wedding stress. Thankfully Amy’s mother took the lead on the majority of planning.

As I  drove through the rolling hills of southern Ohio, I  couldn’t help but be in awe of the beauty. The tree’s only got more vibrant and rich with color the further south I drove.

I arrived at the cutest bed and breakfast, something straight from Gilmore girls! Gathered upstairs Amy and her friends were huddled in the bathroom getting hair & makeup done. Matt arrived and was wearing his full military uniform, it was so impressive to see! Amy’s dress was so beautiful- glitzy and glamorous! Her bridesmaids wore a beautiful light blue lace dresses with her Man of Honor wearing blue suits same as the groomsmen. The guys blue suits and dusty blue ties accented not only the girls but really accented Matt while in his Uniform.

Venues tend to be the first things booked when planning a wedding, most look locally. Amy and Matt chose a place held an incredible importance to them both. Miami University! A place where their love blossomed, their friendships solidified and they found a motto that they felt was an incredible representation of their love story. Love & Honor. It’s Miami’s motto, written on windows of stores through the town but also a military motto.

Matt & Amy, actually married a few years ago in a small private ceremony just the two of them. They moved together to Japan where Matt was stationed for years. I was so glad to hear that Amy & Matt still planned to hold a celebration of their love, a renewal per-say. What a gorgeous celebration it was! Located in the Oxford Community Art Center Matt and Amy shared in a heartwarming ceremony with close family and friends. And although the celebration ended up being much smaller than originally planned-it did not lack in any aspect!

Amy spoke so highly of the time she and Matt spent at Miami, but seeing them reminisce about moments and memories together and with their friends as we strolled through the town really shed light on the depth, the fun and the meaning that was their time at Miami! I couldn’t get over the beauty that was the town, the stores, brick roads, colorful trees, traditions and more that I got to experience in just a short time, it was one I’ll forever remember!

I don’t think friends and family will read this blog and be surprised when I say Matt is a man of minimal outward emotional expression. He always is aware of who’s watching (or trying to photograph him haha!) I could see how much Matt loved and cared for Amy- it wasn’t this over display of affection, it was the way he lightly touched her arm during the trolly ride. How when he would forget everyone around them, he would smile at her, tuck her head under his chin with his arms wrapped around her tight.

The sunlight poured into the room, the staff worked hard, flipped the room and took a warm & inviting ceremony space and turned it into an incredibly gorgeous reception. They arranged for trolly tours around campus for their family and friends so they could continue to share all they loved about Miami with those who meant so much to them!

They ate, drank and danced the night away. I must say, the Suber family has some pretty killer dance moves! Even Matt when you could catch him! It was such a fun night. I am so honored that Amy & Matt allowed me to be apart of their celebration! I’m excited they are home, to be closer to family & friends, I’m excited they got to live their motto- they could celebrate Love and Honor.

Wishing them a lifetime of fun travels, laughter, smiles (Matt, more smiles, lots more smiles!) and a whole lotta love!!!

Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful day!!!


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