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The Rieman Family | A White and Navy Classic Wedding at Crimson Lane Venue

I think it’s easy to get swept up in the amazing story of Kimberly & Leo. All of they have overcome and accomplished. But last week, it was last time it was about Kim & Leo.

Because now its Curt, Kim & Leo. I’m so excited to watch them continue to grow as a family, grow together! I already knew how incredible Curt was with Leo, I’ve witnessed it a few times. But I got to witness so much more than that last week.

The first wedding of the year is always so exciting!! I walked in and looked around at how beautiful everything was. It was so good to be back!!! The classic white, creams & greens accented the clean and crisp aesthetics of Crimson Lane.

The girls neutral dresses added the softest touch to her color palette and they were easily accented by the guys in their navy suits!! Kim’s dress was stunning, She took a dress and made it exactly what she wanted. Her dress originally was a ball gown! I couldn’t even imagine it as such when she told me that!

The guys looked so handsome in their suits BUT Leo. Leo stole the show. There is something so incredible about having your kids play apart in your day. It’s something that they will look back on over and over and feel joy every single time. Leo will love hearing stories and seeing pictures and videos of him being involved in the big day! Kim & Leo’s first look was perfection! I thought that maybe it would be full of emotions- but how could it be. Leo radiates joy and happiness!! He smooched his mama and helped carry her dress.

Each table was adorn with a beautiful arrangement of white florals, peonies & more. I arrive to a light rain, but the day ended up with beautiful sunshine all day!

One of my favorite parts of weddings days is seeing my couples with all of their favorite people. It’s when you truly get to see the grooms all personality. I loved seeing Curt smile and laugh as much as I did! I’m sure his friends have many many more stories to tell!

During the Ceremony Kim was handed a small bag, inside a box of bandaids. I thought for Leo- but then I found out that Curt has broken 9, NINE, bones. I’m honestly shocked his parents don’t have heads full of gray hairs! haha! Needless to say, I think between Curt & Leo, she better buy a lot more bandaids!

Kim looked even more beautiful than I could have imagined!! Seeing the way that Kim & Curt looked at each other. The way each person in attendance prayed blessings over not only their marriage together, but prayed blessings over their new family of three!

We jumped on bus after portraits and drove around Ada, it was the first time I’ve ever had a couple head away from the venue for a short time! I loved that they got some time with just their wedding party to laugh, sing and dance like no one’s watching! They entered the reception and heard from Curt’s father, and right beside him was little Leo, holding on to his arm. Leo was so loved by Curt’s family, and Kim too! The same on Kim’s side towards Curt. The saying- pick a seat not a side we’re all family once the knot is tied does not apply here. They were all family long before they walked into Crimson Lane to get married!

Kim’s sister Lauren gave the sweetest speech, reminiscing about her first time hearing about Curt, and the trips up north to snow mobile. Then Brandon stood to give his best man toast. By far one of the funniest, toasts- more like roasts- i’ve witnessed. Completed with all sorts of props! Their cake from Spencer’s Sugar Shop was accented with the cutest donut holes, perfect size for little Leo fingers!

They shared in their dances, and a special dance for the three of them. Leo’s tired eyes were obvious. A busy day for him. He laid his tired head, and tear filled eyes on mom, thank scooped up by dad and loved on. Just enough snuggles to give him a second wind to dance his little heart out!

I snagged Curt & Kim and we snuck off to snap some sunset photos, I’m so thankful we did. The last few session’s i’ve had with him have been super cloudy, sometimes rainy and a little dreary. But not then. The light pouring over. It seemed like God was covering them with his love. Wishing this beautiful family so many memories, love and laughter. How can there not be laughter when Leo’s involved. Thank you three for allowing me to be apart of something so special! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you all!


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